The core market for CMS since its inception has been drafting.  We have worked beside design professionals in most disciplines, so we have a very good understanding of what is required for your drawings.  Below is a partial list of the types of projects with which we have been involved.

Architecture - Plans, elevations, details
Facilities Management - Plans from field measurements
Civil Engineering - Public Works projects
Mechanical Engineering - Parts and assemblies
Technical Illustration - IPB's, manual illustrations
Survey Maps - Lots drawn from your surveyor's data
Geology - Geologic maps and sections
Oil Industry - Isopach and structural maps
Patent Drawings - To Patent Office standards
Legal Exhibits - For PowerPoint or poster size
Graphic Arts - Logos, artwork and layouts, illustrations

Whether you are local or international, CMS can be a valuable partner for your project.  No drafting job is too simple or too complex.
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Miscellaneous Projects